What You Need to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Sealer Bags?

It takes more than just acquiring a top-of-the-line vacuum sealer machine to keep your highly perishable food items and leftover food from spoilage and deterioration. Buying yourself the right kind of vacuum sealer bag to use is one of the many factors that you will need to keep in mind, aside from the machine itself. 

Apart from having too many available sizes, types, and shapes for vacuum sealer bags, it is crucial that you have a complete guideline to follow so that you will know how to identify the best food sealer bag for the machine you have. 

However, if you are new to this and you don’t have any prior experience, finding yourself a sealer bag can easily become a tedious task. There is a wide range of available choices and this can easily confuse anyone.

Sometimes even those who know what to look for find themselves confused by the magnitude of choices available to them. This is the reason why we need to understand why it is imperative that we see the high selling points of any sealer, especially the ones you are planning to buy.

When trying to look for a good food sealer bag, consider the following tips below.  Each of these pointers will have something to contribute in keeping your food stay fresh and safe for longer. 

  • Food Sealer Bag Thickness
  • Bag Rolls
  • Highend Brand bags
  • Size of the bags
  • How frequent you will open the bag

Food Sealer Bag Thickness

Opt for a vacuum sealing bag that is thick enough for you. Thick vacuum sealer bags are usually more durable and long-lasting compared to their thinner counterparts. They offer more flexibility of use since they are likely to hold more volume of food items without having to worry that it would easily tear apart. 

Gather at least 1 to 3 samples of food sealer bags that you consider as thick enough, and compare their level of thickness against each other. Doing this measure will help you identify which among your initial choices are likely to give the most value for your money. 

The level of thickness of your food bag for vacuum sealing ensures that you will have a good sealing fix by your vacuum sealing machine.  

Bag Rolls 

Bag rolls can be customized according to your needs. It is a great convenience to have, especially if you’re vacuum sealing your food items that are highly perishable.  These are plastic sealing bags that come in various lengths and sizes, making them ideal for creating your preferred custom-sized bags. 

By making your food sealer bag custom-sized, you will have no need to look for something that is small, medium and big sized bags.  You’d surely find a single 50 feet or say 100 feet bag rolls, and then cut them according to the length that you need to have.

However, when cutting see to it that there is still an ample amount of space for sealing the bag, otherwise it would easily break apart. 

Highend Brand Bags

We are aware of a few popular and pretty well-organized brands that offer high-quality food sealing bags to consumers. Depending on the type of vacuum food sealing machine you have at home, these leading brands also offer food sealer bags in varying sizes and shapes, too. 

Personally, I wouldn’t go for the brand per se simply because it is not an assurance that they are durable and top quality. I would still inspect thickness levels among other things, before I even consider buying it. 

How Frequent Will You Check in on the Vacuum Sealed Bag?

One of the most important factors to look into when trying to shop for a vacuum sealing bag is how frequent are you likely to open the bag once you have it vacuum-sealed. 

There would be instances that you will choose to cut the sealing portion, have your food cooked and bung it inside the bag. In this case, you can just opt for a normal size food sealing bag or bag rolls. 

How about if you will open the bag once and then vacuum seal it again. Will it still keep your food items fresh afterward? 

If you are likely to open your vacuum-sealed bag once or twice after vacuum sealing it, it is best that you settle for vacuum food bags that come with a zip-lock security feature. This will lessen your need to dispose your food bag immediately after opening it once or several times. You also have the liberty to reuse/recycle this type of vacuum-sealed food bag for other purposes after the first or second use. 


The pointers we shared above will help you identify the right kind of food sealing bag that you should be looking for. Although they are not exhaustive, machine or brand specific, the idea is to highlight to you the important things you need to look into and help you understand the reason behind. Allow each of these pointers given above to guide you when shopping for your vacuum sealer food bag. If you do so, there is certainty that you will reduce any mistakes with your choice for a vacuum food sealer bag.