What are the Advantages of Bunded Fuel Tanks for Sale?

Bunded fuel tanks for sale can provide you with several benefits that are helpful in tackling a manifold of issues. So what benefits can you expect to experience if you choose to have bunded fuel tanks?

Before anything else, we need to define what bunded tanks are. Basically, this is just a very simple concept, these type of tank actually involves two tanks.  A smaller tank is held inside a much larger container. The much smaller tank is designed to contain and hold liquid. This type of storage tank is ideal for storing large amounts of diesel, used oil, petroleum and other similar liquids which require an enhanced level of safety and security against spills and leaks.  

This protective feature is referred to as the “bund layer”. It can actually hold at least 110% of the contents of the inner tank. Should a leak or if there is any damage in the inner tank, the liquid it holds will go to the outer layer and contained there, safely.

What are the Advantages of Bunded Fuel Tanks for Sale?
  1. Staying Compliant

Staying compliant and remaining so is paramount importance in this industry. Hence, it is no surprise that fleet managers here expectedly very much concerned about this aspect. There are circumstances wherein the use of bunded storage fuel tank is a must to stay compliant. For this reason, it is crucial that you know exactly those situations that you will need to have them.  

     2. Environmental protection.

Spillage of fuel or of any other type of noxious liquid is always devastating. It can bring about a massively detrimental effect on its surroundings and its immediate environment. This is the reason why it is of paramount importance that fleet managers do everything in their power to prevent and keep this from happening. Bunded tanks are specially designed for this purpose. Installing this feature into your facility provides you with a good level of security that a large amount of fuel or used oil you are keeping will not be compromised or be put in peril for whatever reason.  

    3.  Fuel is Future-Proofed

If you are a fleet manager,  you will have to deal with finances. Along this line, you also need to help the company in saving money.  You can make use of bunded storage tanks as an investment and save money in the future. Compared to the other cheaper alternatives, this type of storage tank can stand up to the elements, giving you that much-needed peace of mind in knowing that your fuel is safe and secure for longer.  

      4. Flexibility of Use

Depending on your project requirement or business needs, you can seamlessly transport your bunded tank from one place to another. This signifies that if your project requires to have another worksite or if you need to have your fuel storage tank to another location for some reason, there is nothing to worry about it. You can even install your bunded fuel tank to remote areas that are proven to be hard to access.  

       5. Fuel Theft  Deterrent

Fuel theft can be deterred with the practical use of bunded storage tank. If left unchecked and unregulated, fuel theft may cost your business huge amounts of money and of course fuel resources. Regardless of nature, whether or not it is happening internally or externally, it is crucial that you take some measures to protect your business interest.

Bunded fuel tanks for sale come with the integrity and strength needed in keeping your valuable fuel reserves from opportunists who are on a constant lookout for any to loot them for themselves. Since this comes in two layers, the second and much bigger tank will give the much needed extra layer of protection, so you can really have some peace mind.