Water Jet Cutter: Features to Look Out For


When it comes to choosing an equipment, it is important to make sure that you have the right one so you can avoid making mistakes that will cost you a lot of money. If you have plans of investing in a water jet cutter, be sure that you consider first all the features that you need. Since the accuracy of the cut is of great importance, it is a must to buy a machine that will suit most of your cutting works.

Heads- A waterjet can run with either one or two heads. With this, you need to consider how long the cutting cycle would be. Then you need to work out in advance whether opting for one head is more cost-effective compared to two heads.

Stock plates- instead of making the decision to buy a waterjet to match your stock plate, you can just opt to cut a large plate down to sizes.


Operator Cost

Skilled programmers and operators need to run a water jet cutter machine. As a part of the procurement process, it is important that you take into consideration whether it would be easier for you to recruit programmers and operators for the machine. If recruiting these people is difficult, you need to consider whether a machine that comes with an intelligent control system is the more economic choice. This kind of machine is easier to operate than CAM machines which tend to be more complex in terms of operation.

One more issue that you need to give importance is whether the operator will run more than one machine. In this case, some level of automation might be necessary. Be sure that you look out for features like cutting performance monitor and stack cutting.


Issues on Maintenance

It is just reasonable to expect that a trained operator will be the one to undertake a routine maintenance for the machine. However, you still need to ensure that the operator have acquired enough training. This training on maintenance is often available for operators of waterjet machines.


Right Facilities

Different key facilities are needed in the installation of a waterjet cutter. Enough floor space is very important for this large piece of equipment. At the same time, you will be needing water, power, compressed air, and drainage. Moreover, you have to make sure that you have adequate room for the storing and loading of your materials. A clean area where maintenance tasks can be performed should also be available. For the operators, they will be needing a programming office.

When considering the features to look for out for in your water jet cutter, it is very important to be practical. If needed, you should seek advice from manufacturers that you have done business with before as investing in the wrong machine will definitely cost you a lot.