Tips in Choosing the Best Pallet Wrapping Machine

Shopping for an industrial packaging machine can be overwhelming because you have to know how well the machine can cope with the workload in your production. Here is a guide to help you choose the right pallet wrapping machine for your business.

Know what machine suits your products

First, you need to know what type of pallet wrapping machine is suitable for your products and production process. You have to decide whether you need a fully automatic wrapping machine that you can built into a production line or have the semi-automatic, which is simpler and cheaper. Fully automatic pallet wrapping machines are best suitable for high throughput production line.


Ensure you have the correct pallets

You should also choose the right pallets for your pallet wrapping machine. It would be a disaster if the pallets do not fit in! Pallets come in many shapes and sizes and it is important that you inform your supplier of the specific size of the pallets you are using.


Test the machine

You can ask the supplier if it is possible to use the machine for a week as a trial, and see how well it works with your production. A good supplier should be able to test the machine with your product. This way, you will know which the best stretch wrapping film to use is and what potential costs are likely to be.


Beware of bargain prices

Of course, everyone wants to get the lowest price possible, but make sure the quality and durability is not compromised, as there is always a reason for it to be cheap. Other companies offer low prices on their machines, but under the condition that you should also buy all the stretch wrap film from them as well. You will end up spending more on the film, which can be much more expensive than with other suppliers.


Confirm the services

Check out the type of warranty period you get with the packaging machine, the recommended service intervals, and any breakdown cover they offer. The usual standard warranty for a pallet wrapping machine is 12 months. It is also crucial that you get everything in writing that includes the agreement of your purchase. If they do not offer free maintenance service, check out their fees for the service of the equipment.



By following these five helpful tips above you in selecting the pallet wrapping machine for your company, you will have a much better understanding of the questions you should be asking to potential suppliers. You will also be more aware of the pitfalls that you should avoid when it comes to buying a pallet wrapping machine. Purchasing this machine should not be made in a rush, so take time to shop around and compare the rates, services, and the quality of the machine offered by different companies.