LED Batten Lights Vs Fluorescent Tube Lights: Which is the Better Option?

The world today is so modern that old fluorescent fixtures seem to be gone and forgotten already. There are a few reasons for this. For one, they are not very capable of providing enough illumination for the entire area and they can be an expensive option. In the market, they seem to be a cheap light choice, but if you consider the fact that they make use of so much electricity and do not really last for so long, through time, you will end up spending more amount of money. Good thing that there are more options, better ones that you can choose from. One of them would be LED batten lights.


The Smarter Choice

If you like the look of tube lights but want a more beneficial choice, then look no further as LED batten lights are available. Whether you are in search of a surface-mounted lights or suspended from the ceiling, such type of LED lights possesses all the powered needed to illuminate the front porch, homes, industrial and office settings. With their numerous advantages, these lights are gaining more favor than fluorescent tubes.


Longer Use

For one, these lights make use of LED technology that is more sophisticated compared to halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights. LEDs are always praised for being the future of lighting as they last for a very long time. Also, they only need a very small amount of energy and utilize the said energy in the most efficient way.


Safer Option

This lighting option is considered to be a safer option than their counterparts. Unlike with tube lights that are using chemicals like neon which can be toxic in case it seeps out, batten lights on the other hand are 100% powered by chemical-free LEDs that has is not hazardous to the surroundings. This makes this light fitting one of the best options for hospitals, schools, residential uses, and factories. When they reach the end of their lifespan, they are easy to dispose of and does not have any toxic waste and does not need any form of special treatment.


Better Designs

As far as design is concerned, these lights are the upgraded version. Considering the illumination needs, batten lights may have one or two LED tubes that can be integrated within them. Given their unprecedented quality and ease of installation, these lights are the premier choice for linear lightings.

Moreover, since they are minimalistic, light-weight, and has a slim design, they can be one of the most stylish types of lighting solution to different areas.

It is very important to do your research when choosing the right type of lighting for your different needs. With so many options available today, take your time in choosing.