CNC Plasma Cutter Price and other Factors to Consider before Buying One

CNC Plasma Cutter Price and other Factors to Consider before Buying One

In this time when technology and machine are essential in so many applications, to finish the job in a faster and more efficient way, it is important to choose which one should you invest in. In the case of a CNC plasma cutter price is one of the most important considerations for people. But before you decide on investing money in a CNC plasma cutting system, here are some of the considerations you need to know.

Sheet Size

Begin with figuring out what material you have to cut. One of the most important considerations here is the maximum plate size. The size should be the deciding point which machine should you buy.

You should know that each model is specifically designed to cover varied plate sizes. However, when they exceed a specific point, you will get bumped to larger machine models. This is the reality when it comes to the beam size and machine structure. No one wants a 4×8 machine that has a beam design that is big enough to go 30’ wide and this would not be economical.

Working Areas

Another important factor that affects the size of the machine is the arrangement of the working area. Only one working area is needed for the simplest machines. This means that the cutting table is large enough for a single plate. However, this would mean that as soon as you are done cutting the plate, the machine will be idle as you unload the parts and load a new plate. This is fine for low-production environments and small shops.

Process Tools

Having an idea of the kind of cutting process tool that you will use will help narrow down the model you will need. Do you just need 1 or 2 plasma station? Keep in mind that the more tools you will need, the wider that the machine will get. This is not just because of the space that every tool takes up on the gantry, but due to cross-cut requirements.

Don’t Miss the Software

Never underestimate the role of nesting and programming software. Even for smaller shops where there is no need for nesting capabilities, you still need to generate program codes for the machine to run. Many CNCs todays come with programming capabilities like manual program editors or shape libraries.

In addition, many of them are capable of taking in a DWG or DXF file and then post-process it into M-and G- code in order for the CNC to work. In spite of all these, you still need to know how you should make and edit CAD files for the machine to import.

The price of a cnc cutting machine is an important consideration and if you look at the benefits that will be getting from the plasma cutter, for sure, it is all worth it.